When i first made my wings i didnt know how to sew, 

I thought about giving someone plans and getting them to sew me a sail but being a true scratchbuild i wanted to do it all myself,

i chose to use reinforced tape to hold it together for testing,

This actually worked pretty well for a while, it wasnt light but after a year or so the glue on the tape started to turn to powder, im guessing through being degraded by the sun.

My wife borrowed her mums sewing machine for a few days and i hijacked it and practiced on scrap pieces of ripstop until i got the hang of it and knew what settings to use to get the stitches i needed :)

First thing i chose to sew was the keel pocket (fin)

This is a very structural part in flight so needs to be strong, i was using depron as the fin before with reinforcing cable through the middle to take the load, needless to say- even though it worked well it didnt look very neat and definately not scale looking.

A new fin was quickly made up and sewn to the old sail for testing, 

It looked so much better i decided to make a whole new sail with my new sewing skills lol

On the new wing i added a 'double surface' which added a very scale look and allowed me to add some nice colour and a registration number :) 

Batterns that were previously just taped to the wing are now removable as they are slid into sewn pockets, these are on the top surface and the under surface making it very efficient.

My early wings leading edge was reinforced with fairly thin depron to stop the airflow deforming the airfoil shape, the ripstop was painted with fabric paint to add abit of colour,

My newest version sail has got a mylar leading edge so is much smoother and more realistic looking its also alot more resistant to being collapsed by the airflow and is much stronger than ripstop aswell,

Im using white mylar for the trailing edge aswell to add strength there too as this area is under tension in flight and sometimes frays abit after a while when made of ripstop this means the wing is bordered by mylar tape so has increased it strength by a huge margin.


My little sewing machine does the job

Sewing batten pockets