Free Plans

Before i add Free plans on here can people please be courteous and just mention me if using them,

Alot of hard work and thought has gone into this project as im sure you can appreciate and i never did this project to make money, just to have some fun in my spare time.

ive already been stung once by expecting people to be decent to me as i am to them

Mario arguello from 'Mia micro flight' who has ripped off my design since 2011 (the maiden) and ran down my ideas publically during the build,

claims it as his own and has been copying every change and every version ive made to them ever since,

Even adds false claims to try and make me look bad despite full proof of dates for my photos and ideas.

Mine was the first fully scale weightshift electric, it was the first time fpv had been done on a scale microlight and definately the first scale nitro microlight ever seen flying.

He is a truly dispicable, sneaky rodent of a character and should not be trusted!

banned from rc groups numerous times (changing his name) and hated on the forums for exactly this kind of copying, spamming and general false claims.

Theres always going to be one though i guess so am not going to let this ruin it for everyone else.

Anyway with that said- ive helped a few people make these models in the last 6 years and theyve came out very nice,

I love seing more of them flying it gives me a real buzz to see others enjoying them :)

a great guy in oz called Chris (search 'britinozoz' on youtube) nicknamed his microlight pinky, you will see why when you watch the video lol

His flew great and used more traditional 'modelling' techniques in his build which was fantastic.

Please be patient, ill be adding plans to this section as and when i have the time,

These will be for my 2 meter wingspan version first as this is the most tested and proven out of them all.

Thankyou all for support during the project and for continuing to support it now,