Not technically the most scale way to fly these models but man its fun! 😂

Fully capable of wingovers and loops,

usually to do the latter you're best off with a wingover first to get the speed and momentum then gas it and watch the world turn upside down :)

As in full scale a failed loop through not having enough speed can result in a 'tumble' which is when the aircraft is in an upside down or extreme nose high attitude, looses speed and momentum and starts falling upside down or backwards, (can also happen from whip stalls, very dangerous manoeuvre!)

The natural pendulum effect means the trike will try and swing back to the bottom which it does so violently that the momentum makes it carry on past and into another tumble,

This momentum continues until something stops it which is usually the ground!

Ive only had one with mine from about 200ft from a failed loop and it tumbled to the ground,

Luckily it was very minor damage and was flying again 5 minutes later,

With the real scale ones the tumbling creates so much energy from the weight of the trike that airframe failure is usually the result even before its impacted the ground!




Microlight Loop

Couple of nitro wingovers