This nitro microlight was a big personal achievement for me,

The reason for this is because i was very into nitro powered rc motorbikes at the time of deciding to make this microlight so my dream was to have a nitro powered one,

The electric powered one was cool and easy to plug in and go but the nitro just seemed less of a 'toy' and more like a proper model :)

I decided to build one back in 2007 after having the idea since i was a young kid,

Bringing two of my passions together was always a dream for me.

I made a few tests with my original one back in 2008, 

Not even knowing if it would take off let alone be controllable!


After a few years of making the wing properly i decided to switch to brushless power for the rest of the testing for a few reasons,

 because it caused less damage in a crash as the prop can be stopped by shutting the throttle,

It eliminated setting up the engine so i could concentrate more on getting the microlight flying well.


Having those six or so years of adjusting, learning the differences the changes made and gaining flying experience on these unusual rc aircraft finally allowed me to acheive my goal of a realistic flying microlight using weightshift and a real engine!


This one is definately my favourite one to fly due to the realistic noise and the smell of that nitro smoke as it passes by!


Follow developments of this nitro version here :)

Maiden flight on a very windy day

Nitro microlight

A one of a kind Nitro powered microlight, controlled via weightshift alone and powered by a little os15La engine providing reliable running with enough power and a realistic engine soundtrack :)

Bit of calmer weather test flying

Os15La providing the power