Fatshark Dominator v2, taranis/tbs crossfire uhf

After getting the scale microlight flying well and having flown quadcopters and planes etc via fpv i decided to do an fpv version,

Having never seen an fpv weightshift microlight it was time it was done, 

short of having a real one what could be more fun than actually flying the microlight youve built as if being inside it? 😎


The pan and tilt adds massively to the realistic feeling by allowing you to look around by just turning your head or looking up and down,

You can then enjoy the view and get a real feeling of actually flying a flexwing microlight


A light up dash for those evening/early morning flights aswell as strobes all at the flick off a switch add to the fun of the model,

The Tbs Uhf combined with a 600mw immersion VTX allow you to explore wherever you want to go, only limited by your battery size!


The osd gives all the useful information i can need like rssi (signal strength) height, distance, battery level etc


Look out for further flight tests here ☺

2012 fpv flight

The first Fpv flight from a weightshift microlight back in 2012

First test LOS

18 dec 2006
First test via line of sight to make sure its all ok

Second test at dusk

Headtracker test

Finally got round to testing the headtracker after a few problems with the cable,
Then had issues with lockouts on the Ezuhf so have now converted it to a TBS crossfire uhf so can do some long range flying :)

2nd test fitted with tbs crossfire

Finally got round to testing my new TBS crossfire and pleased to say its solved all the lockout problems i was experiencing with the ezuhf uhf system :)
Ive got total confidence in this great system and cant wait for some calm weather to put it to the test

Light up dashboard using LED's and optical fibers, Turned on and off with a switch on the Tx